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I know fast food is bad for your health but WOW!

Violence can happen for irrational reasons such as McNuggets not being served to Melodi DuShane at 6:30 in the morning. Thoughts: The second you get an indicator that you are dealing with an irrationally hostile customer, just shut the drive

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Elderly Woman Attacked on an Elevator

Pay close attention to the body language that the suspect displays from 0:00 to 0:40. He is circling around the area much like a shark would… Pay attention to his body language as he is in the elevator with his

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Lakewood Revisited

LawOfficerVideo on Youtube has some great material. Mapped out is the Forza coffee shop. You can see how Officer Tina Griswold and Sergeant Mark Renninger were the first to be killed by Maurice Clemmons. Officer Tina Griswold had her back

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3 teens charged in Pinellas school bus beating

Observations “Snitches Get Stitches” This beating is the prison mindset in action. This is not really surprising since the school is a dropout prevention school where sadly a number of kids have already had contact with the legal system and

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This happened in Springfield Virginia…

This happened in nearby Springfield, Virginia. Observations: Good work on the neighbor’s part by setting up a home surveillance system. Keep moving and don’t let yourself get cornered. Do not “turtle up” and go limp when facing something like this.

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