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Hilariously Bad Gun Prohibitionist Music Video

This video is just hilariously bad. “People outside of New York and Los Angeles are stupid rednecks” message? Check! Cheesy symbolism than an eight grader could whip up? Check! Less bangable clone of Janeane Garofalo? Check! Crappy two-chord guitar work?

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A Hangfire in Action

At about 0:18 the shooter presses the trigger and the shotgun does not discharge. At 0:19, the shooter places his shotgun with the muzzle upwards and looks down the barrel. Just as a refresher, here is the NRA procedure for

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Carjacking Gone Wrong (for the Bad Guy!)

Observations: Surprise, Surprise. It’s a parking lot ambush! Notice how at 0:20 the bad guys are initially casing the intended victim. That slow stuttering roll is often the “body language” of a driver with ill intentions. Notice how the intended

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