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Budget Blasters: 5 cheap ways to scratch the ‘assault weapon’ itch

#2 (the Kel-Tec SUB-2000) is a fun pistol-caliber carbine that I wouldn’t press into heavier duty. Same goes for #4 (the Kel-Tec SU-16) Budget Blasters: 5 cheap ways to scratch the ‘assault weapon’ itch.

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Hypocrisy overload: Tweets from gun control advocate Leland Yee, charged with arms trafficking


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Video: “Is the shotgun a submachine gun?”

NOTE:The video above is not mine. I am inclined to disagree with a good chunk of the content since it is somewhat of an apples to oranges comparison the video narrator is making. For the uninitiated, a submachine gun (“subgun”

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For VA Residents: Self-defense Hypocrite Running for Sheriff

I find the conduct of self-defense hypocrites like Stacey Kincaid utterly reprehensible. Self-defense hypocrites are people who want to prohibit civilians from owning the same guns they use to protect themselves. Fairfax County sheriff candidate Stacey Kincaid went out and bought

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Gun Safety isn’t Hard

Gun Safety isn’t Hard Tragedies really are preventable. 1)Drop the magazine 2)Work the action 3)Inspect the chamber Repeat as necessary. Keep it simple at 3 steps. The more you complicate procedures, the more that can go wrong

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