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“One Shot Stop” Handgun statistics, and why they’re a load of crap

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Article: What Really happens when bullets “skip”? by Rob Pincus

Great article from Rob Pincus.  Article from I.C.E. Training Updates ( July 5, 2005  What Really happens when bullets “skip”?  by Rob Pincus“Don’t run the walls” and “Don’t stick your weapon/hands/body beyond cover” are standard points of instructions when it comes to

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Bullet Behavior, Part II

Originally posted on The Tactical Hermit:
Picking up where we left off last episode, we had determined that shooting AT a person in a STATIC not to mention, MOVING vehicle is a precarious and delicate affair. So many things can…

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A Doctor’s Lecture on Ballistics

Long video but worth watching. Takeaways are: Handgun bullets are not klingon death rays. Multiple rapid hits on target are the fastest mode of incapacitation.

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