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ATM Safety

Before we get into the specifics, let me attempt to nip this issue in the bud right now: AVOID ATM’s if possible! No matter the type of machine that you use, the #1 Skill-Set you need to exercise when going to the

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The Home Invader’s Risk Assessment Checklist

Hypothetical question: If you were a home invader, what would really make your life suck? Scotchguard on the basement glass windows? This makes entry much more difficult Multiple Interior Room  Door Locks? This makes moving through the house much more

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Caught on Camera

Recently a pervert was caught on a Florida Target store surveillance camera trying to film up a woman’s skirt. As of this posting, police are still looking for him. “Peeping Toms” always concern me because such a crime is often a

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Your Bug Out Bag Checklist

  Your Bug Out Bag Inventory Checklist Above is a PDF for you to print out and build your 72 hour evacuation kit (aka Bug Out Bag). I also recommend using this guide as a way to organize your emergency

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$20 Toy Can Bypass Home Garage Door Openers

If your home garage connects to the rest of your house, you may want to consider installing a dead bolt lock on the interior door. For the sake of convenience, the door could be keyed the same as the rest

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