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Is filmmaker Peter Rodger liable for Elliot Rodger’s actions?

This is not legal advice and should be construed as such.  I honestly cannot answer that question. What I can say is that I would not be surprised if the families of those murdered by Elliot Rodger filed suit against Elliot

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Archer and Gun Safety

  Apparently gun safety violations can be funny. PROTIP: Do the opposite of what Sterling Archer does! Related articles   Archer Remade The Danger Zone Scene From Top Gun and It’s Perfect (jalopn The ‘Archer’ Remake Of Kenny Loggins’ ‘Danger

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Article: “Little things can help keep us safer”

From: Little things can help keep us safer SEP 10 Posted by hsoi “Christopher Hubbart began to sexually assault women in their homes in 1972,” the petition said. “He committed 25 or 26 such assaults that year, all of them in the

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Shootout in Northern California

Above is video of a shootout that resulted in the death of  Yolo County Deputy Tony Diaz. The killer Marco Topete has since been convicted and is currently incarcerated. Observations: Notice how Marco Topete pointed his car in a direction to

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Stun Gun: A Documentary (LOL)

I really really really cannot condone “goofing off” with weapons but……. this video is TOO FUNNY! It’ll make you seriously wonder if the $49.95 you dropped on one at the Chantilly gun show would have been better spent at the

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