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Public Enemies: Social Media Is Fueling Gang Wars in Chicago

Do YouTube searches for the following terms: liljojo BDK Tooka 069 Bricksquad A lot of gang members nowadays revel in the short-lived infamy that broadcasting their crimes to the world will bring them even though it provides a mountain of

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Redbox Scammers Steal Games By Using Bar Codes To Trick Kiosks

The easiest way to solve this scam would be: Determine the credit cards associated with the previous renters Look for cards that are pre-paid VISA cards. Smarter scammers would not use a card associated with their name. Pull the info

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Video Analysis: Senior Citizen Opens Fire on Robbers of Internet Cafe

Today we are going to look at the heroic actions of CCW holder Samuel Williams. Thoughts GOOD: Excellent shooting grip under stress GOOD: Aggressive defensive mindset and shows in his body language Notice how he keeps advancing towards the bad

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