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Paul-E-Palooza 3 Recap: Chris Fry’s Small Knife Primer Class

One of the many awesome things about Paul-E-Palooza 3 was that Chris Fry ran this class on both days so that just about everybody attending the event had a chance to go. Chris is a beast and knows his stuff. I would not

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Off-Centerline Tool Carry – Personal Defense Network

Great article from Chris Fry at Off-Centerline Tool Carry – Personal Defense Network. Off-Centerline Tool Carry Every-Day Carry (EDC) of personal protection tools is a highly individualized subject. EDC is often developed around specific mission requirements, personal experience, previous training and

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An excellent article from MDTS. From FOLDING KNIFE SELECTION,  FOLDING KNIFE SELECTION, CARRY & ACCESS I am often asked by clients and friends what I think is the best knife to carry for personal defense. The vast majority of time

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Rifle Combatives for Home Defense

The video above is a good example of long retention skills to use if you need to move in a confined space with a long gun (shotgun/rifle). The instructors in the video are Chris Fry of MDTS Training and Rob

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