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Churchgoer Killed In Fight Over Seat

Quoting a friend from ” I think he’s yet another clueless dumbfuck who believes that their gun is a magic problem solver. They’ve got zero skills and they somehow believe that the gun will make up for their many

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Three Points for a Concealed Carry Policy for a Church

Churches are supposed to be safe havens however there are people who chose to target them for that exact reason.  So what should the pastor of a church do to improve the security of their church? Allow CONCEALED carry “Gun free” zones

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Practicalities of Church Carry

Originally posted on Autrey's Armory:
So you’ve looked at the statistics. You’ve read the testimonies of survivors. You’ve dug up your state laws. You may have hinted around or just bluntly asked your church leadership. You may or may…

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