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Colo. Springs teen mistaken for burglar, shot and killed by stepfather

Lessons: Set up a camera system in the basement pointed towards the points of entry Don’t play “hunt the burglar” unless you have to. It is much easier to hunker down in a safe room. Keep a high powered flashlight

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Major victory for gun owners in Colorado and across the country

WHOOOOO! Total “Fight the Power” moment out in Colorado!   Major victory for gun owners in Colorado and across the country *************************************************************** YES!!!!! Hats off to our brethren in Colorado!  After strong gun control was passed earlier this year, a recall

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Father Says Teen Girl Shot, Killed After Scaring Friend

Lessons Physically and mentally drill for likely home and self defense scenarios “The Prank” “Can I come in to use your phone?” “There is a fight outside” “I’m being followed home!” “The Rip Off Crew” “The Bump in the night”

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Quick things to keep in mind when setting up your AR-15

Keep it light and singular in purpose Have a lightweight 16″ upper for with iron sights and a red dot for CQB use and a heavyweight 20″+ upper with a bipod and long range scope for long range use.  Don’t

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