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A Combatives Fallacy

From Cecil Burch’s blog

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5 Things the RBSD/Combatives Instructor Community Gets Wrong

1)Lack of pressure testing “Pressure testing” can be defined as conducting a live drill against a fully resisting opponent and getting data as to if/when/where/why/how a particular technique works against a fully resisting opponent. The instructors who are guilty of

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Article: Fundamentals Uber Alles

From There is a similar problem in the Martial Art/Self-defense world where being gear-centric is replaced with technique. The answer to a failure tends towards “give me another technique”.

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8 Ethical Marketing Tips for Combatives and Firearms Instructors

8 Ethical Marketing Tips for Combatives and Firearms Instructors

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From Cecil Burch and Immediate Action Combatives: “Best Bang for the Buck”

Cecil Burch is spot-on here. I recommend Capital MMA in the DC Area for my local readers. I highly recommend signing up for Cecil’s newsletter and his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for Dummies book. Article from BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK JANUARY 5,

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