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PROTIP: Keep your CQB rifle lightweight!

Before you go out and buy the latest wiz bang gizmo for your AR-15, ask yourself “What is the mission?” Related articles Selection of a Battle Rifle and Initial Configuration of a Battle Rifle ( PROTIP: Do all handgun shooting

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The Home Invader’s Risk Assessment Checklist

Hypothetical question: If you were a home invader, what would really make your life suck? Scotchguard on the basement glass windows? This makes entry much more difficult Multiple Interior Room  Door Locks? This makes moving through the house much more

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Tacticool Acronyms: IFWA

Today’s post is the first in a series of acronyms that are often bandied about on various tactical forums and in classes at times. IFWA stands for “In Fight Weapon Access”. To the best of my knowledge, the acronym was

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SouthNarc’s Armed Movement In Structures: AMIS 1

This is the second of the third part of the series. Here is the file to download with the pictures as well. SNAMIS1  A.M.I.S 1: Corridor Movement And Managing Danger Areas This is the first instalment in the “Armed Movement

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SouthNarc’s Armed Movement in Structures: Primer

This is an excellent read and something that I would consider required reading if you own a gun. Here is the file to download for further reading. The file is labeled “snamisprimer.pdf” snamisprimer  Armed Movement in Structures (A.M.I.S.): A Primer

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