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Doxing: The Sucker Punch of Cyber Warfare?

Doxing done to NY gun owners by the Journal News

Doxing (alternately spelled “Doxxing”) is the research and broadcasting of personally identifiable information about an individual or individuals. It is done for a variety of reasons. Doxing (Doxxing)┬ácan be considered the “sucker punch” of cyber warfare, in the sense that

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Second Video Compilation of Defensive Gun Uses

The moral of this story is bad guys want easy prey. Notice how most of the assailants immediately retreated when they came under fire? Related articles Video Compilation: Armed Citizens [Successfully] Fighting Back ( Gun Control Advocates Are Racist (

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This is what Gun Control Advocates ACTUALLY BELIEVE.

This gem came from CSGV’s twitter feed. Pretty certain that Ladd Everitt wrote this one. I can’t even make it up! Related articles Bloomberg’s Gun Control Rally Gets JACKED! Turns Into an ARMED NRA Rally LOL ( Awesome: Gun Owners

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Dom Raso for NRA News: Episode 4

This video is just awesome! I think I would trust a Navy SEAL on matters of personal defense more than I would trust a billionaire with a god complex. I LOL’ed at the “Call of Duty” crack at the anti-gun

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