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7 Ways to Stop Stolen Valor

“He wouldn’t tell these outrageous stories just right off the bat. He would drop little bits of things that are plausible. And he would tailor that plausibility story to each person, knowing what they knew.”-Victim of  AJ Dicken There are scumbags

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Great Article from Delta Force Veteran Paul Howe from SHOTGUN BREACHING: ASSET OR LIABILITY? Shotgun breaching is creeping ever so steadily into the tactical officers breaching toolbox. Nightly newscasts from Iraq show soldiers employing this technique overseas to gain access

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The Knoxville Horror

Lessons from this case: Conclusions As Delta Force veteran Paul Howe put it, “Never put yourself at the mercy of people who have none. “ As soon as you are moved from one location by an assailant to another, your odds of survival drop significantly.

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