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Armed Citizen in TX Stops Shooting Spree and Saves Cop by Making 50+ Yard Shot With a Pistol

Awesome defensive gun use (DGU) recap! The vast majority of gunfights do happen within 21 feet or less but it is good to be able to hit out a bit further if necessary. Related articles Armed Citizen in TX Stops

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Awesome Compilation of Defensive Gun Uses

So much for “you’ll just be too scared and the bad guy will take the gun away from you!” Related articles Gun Control Advocates Are Racist ( There Will Be Another Mass Shooting. This Is What the Data Tells Us

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Article: ‘Point ’em out, knock ’em out’: Brutal game ends when assault victim fires his concealed handgun

Observations: Watch the hands! Stun guns don’t always work The assailant is very fortunate to be alive The victim did the right thing by not shooting the assailant after he had surrendered. From ‘Point ’em out, knock ’em out’:

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Pizza Delivery Driver Shoots and Kills Knife Wielding Career Criminal

Observations Avoid task fixation while sitting in the car Knives are lethal force so the pizza deliveryman responded appropriately. If you are working a pizza delivery route, then you should be carrying concealed. Lots of wannabe gangsters and amateur criminals

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Store Clerk Shoots Robber

As mentioned in a basic pistol class, handgun bullets are not Klingon death rays, even with a headshot. This is not Call of Duty in which a headshot gives the player a 35x damage multiplier! The clerk shoots the bad

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