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Raw Video: Body cam captures police officer’s last moments

Here is the back story behind this incident from It was the intense pain and four nights without sleep, not the police officer or any psychosis, that drove him to pull the trigger. That’s what friends believe caused Robert W. Smith  to

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Castle Rock v. Gonzales

For your continued learning… From Castle Rock v. Gonzales Supreme Court of the United States Argued March 21, 2005 Decided June 27, 2005 Full case name Town of Castle Rock, Colorado, Petitioner v. Jessica Gonzales, individually and as next friend

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Article: Man grabs ‘Zelda’ sword to battle girlfriend’s ex

PROTIP: Don’t shack up with a girl who doesn’t have their divorce finalized. A bizarre story overnight in Katy. One man says he had to grab a sword in a duel with his girlfriend’s estranged husband. Gianna Caserta reports. via

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