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Thoughts On the Renisha McBride Killing

More and more this case looks like a tragedy that did not need to happen. The homeowner is in deep trouble for his failure to prepare. Some preliminary lessons: Mentally run through likely scenarios and incorporate “No-Shoot” and “Shoot outcomes”

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$20 Toy Can Bypass Home Garage Door Openers

If your home garage connects to the rest of your house, you may want to consider installing a dead bolt lock on the interior door. For the sake of convenience, the door could be keyed the same as the rest

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A Home Security Dilemma

I found this on a gun forum. From: Over the last week, I have had the same vehicle drive up to my house between 1:30-3:45AM. They approach slowly, and upon noticing me standing in the kitchen, pull a U

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SouthNarc’s Armed Movement In Structures: AMIS 1

This is the second of the third part of the series. Here is the file to download with the pictures as well. SNAMIS1  A.M.I.S 1: Corridor Movement And Managing Danger Areas This is the first instalment in the “Armed Movement

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