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How do you eat an elephant?

Originally posted on Momentum On The Mat:
This is such a true statement.  That one little stripe makes you so very proud.  It was hard earned with sweat and perseverance.  In the grand scheme of jiu jitsu, this one small…

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Paul-E-Palooza 3 Recap: Chris Fry’s Small Knife Primer Class

One of the many awesome things about Paul-E-Palooza 3 was that Chris Fry ran this class on both days so that just about everybody attending the event had a chance to go. Chris is a beast and knows his stuff. I would not

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Two Ways to Maximize the LaserLyte Laser Target

LaserLyte Laser Target and Battery Eliminator

1) Get a Battery Eliminator Go to and purchase the 3 AA cell 4.5V battery eliminator. This means that you can keep the LaserLyte Laser Target turned on for a longer period of time and not have to worry about battery

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