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How to be a better gun store clerk

When you are working at a gun shop , there are a few things you should do to improve the customer‘s experience (and make more sales). I learned these through trial and error while working at NOVA Firearms in Falls

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Carrying at Home

We’ve all heard the adage: “First rule of a gunfight: Have a gun!” Here is an easy option. The fanny pack holster! No need to get out of your shorts or sweat pants or other clothes you wear on a

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The SharkTac SlimLine IWB Holster

  Holster shopping is a lot like shoe shopping. You have to find something that fits your size and fits the social situation. A holster that fits one person perfectly may not feel right to another person. Quality While many

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Compiling a Firearms Record

Great article! From Compiling a Firearms Record. Compiling a Firearms Record I decided it was time to compile a record of all my firearms. So I went through them all, recorded the make, model, and serial number, and made a list. I

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Protip: Replace Your Gun’s Recoil Spring

Better yet, buy multiple stainless steel recoil springs. It will save you a lot of drama in the future. Great article from Readers in California, please contact the author if you need work done.   GLOCK Maintenance Tips GLOCK  Handgun 

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