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The Instructor’s Endorsement Log

Given the prevalence of cross-training in the martial arts and firearms world, it makes sense for instructors to have an easy method of fielding questions from students about content from other instructors in a manner that is efficient and minimizes

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Points on the Fighting Shotgun

Gabe Suarez provides some excellent points on setting up a shotgun for home defense. From: The Fighting Shotgun I was asked by a number of readers to update them about the shotgun. They were asking about lights and magazine extensions

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How to Shoot from a Seated Position

I highly recommend any of Dave Spaulding’s material. Keep in mind that your method of carry needs to be one in which you can easily access the gun or other weapon fro a seated position under stress and in a

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Keep Fighting and Keep Moving!

Whether he knows it formally or not, this guy a good example of how to counter the many on one beatdown attack. He doesn’t let the assailants fix him into one position and he taks the fight to them by

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A Video on AK47 Magazine Changes

Great video to help you improve the speed of your AK magazine changes. Related articles WATCH: Reporter Shows How To Make Your Own AK-47 ( How To Freak Out Anti-Gunners: Build Your Own Untraceable AK-47! (

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