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Public Enemies: Social Media Is Fueling Gang Wars in Chicago

Do YouTube searches for the following terms: liljojo BDK Tooka 069 Bricksquad A lot of gang members nowadays revel in the short-lived infamy that broadcasting their crimes to the world will bring them even though it provides a mountain of

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Keep Fighting and Keep Moving!

Whether he knows it formally or not, this guy a good example of how to counter the many on one beatdown attack. He doesn’t let the assailants fix him into one position and he taks the fight to them by

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“A Little Girl Shot, and a Crowd That Didn’t See”

A Little Girl Shot, and a Crowd That Didn’t See The article above is about an incident that happened in Trenton, NJ. Keep in mind that New Jersey is ranked #2 (right behind California) on the Brady Campaign 50 state

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