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Ten Things You Need For Concealed Carry

Non-material things (training) will be covered in another article. Less Lethal Option This gives you an alternate force option for a situation that may or may not escalate into a deadly force situation It beats being unarmed. Pepper Gas Be

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PROTIP: Do all handgun shooting and dry fire from concealment!

This one little thing can improve your defensive gun skills by an order of magnitude beyond what you learned from your $29.95 online carry permit course. That one little thing is doing all of your live fire handgun shooting straight

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PROTIP: Deadly force cannot be used to recover personal property

Except in Texas…under certain circumstances. Go talk to a Texas attorney for more info. As a general rule, you can’t shoot someone stealing your TV and you can’t shoot someone breaking into your unoccupied car. By Aurelio Sanchez / Journal

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The 911 Tape right after the murder of Christopher Lane

Listen to the audio of the 911 call right after Australian Baseball player Chris Lane was found in his final moments. This is the sort of savagery that you may face. Some more observations. Consider keeping a medical kit in

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Tacticool Acronyms: IFWA

Today’s post is the first in a series of acronyms that are often bandied about on various tactical forums and in classes at times. IFWA stands for “In Fight Weapon Access”. To the best of my knowledge, the acronym was

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