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The Heckler and Koch VP-9

I’m very excited about this gun. It looks very high quality and will likely be competing in the market with Smith and Wesson and GLOCK for the market of people who are interested in more “tactical” handguns. I like it

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Ten Things You Need For Concealed Carry

Non-material things (training) will be covered in another article. Less Lethal Option This gives you an alternate force option for a situation that may or may not escalate into a deadly force situation It beats being unarmed. Pepper Gas Be

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Glock 42 vs. Smith and Wesson Bodyguard?

“glock 42 vs sw bodyguard” I saw this search string on my web traffic chart and to answer the question directly: Barring any teething issues with the first iteration of the platform, the answer is “GLOCK 42”. Hands down. If

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Armed Citizen in TX Stops Shooting Spree and Saves Cop by Making 50+ Yard Shot With a Pistol

Awesome defensive gun use (DGU) recap! The vast majority of gunfights do happen within 21 feet or less but it is good to be able to hit out a bit further if necessary. Related articles Armed Citizen in TX Stops

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GLOCK Introduces a .380 “Pocket Pistol”

  This is an interesting development. I have a feeling that gun shops will sell a lot of these guns to folks who carry a Ruger LCP but want something that would ostensibly be more reliable or something that is

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