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Why I carry…Glocks.

Originally posted on alwaysvigilantblog:
This isn’t an advertisement, and I accept that there are plenty of firearms out there that are reliable, accurate, and awesome…in fact, I likely own a few of the ones you think are better. However I…

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Video: “Is the shotgun a submachine gun?”

NOTE:The video above is not mine. I am inclined to disagree with a good chunk of the content since it is somewhat of an apples to oranges comparison the video narrator is making. For the uninitiated, a submachine gun (“subgun”

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The SharkTac SlimLine IWB Holster

  Holster shopping is a lot like shoe shopping. You have to find something that fits your size and fits the social situation. A holster that fits one person perfectly may not feel right to another person. Quality While many

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HERESY! HERESY! Real World .22s for Self Defense from Active Response Training

This is a great article. It nicely upends the adage about not carrying anything smaller than .380 ACP, or 9mm, or .40S&W, or .45 ACP… The author of the article is doing it right since he is carrying a .22LR

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Guns in Popular Culture: The Last Stand

Play The Last Stand on Armor Games This is a very cool browser based game that is a LOT of fun. I really liked the attention to detail that the author put into the sprites including the randomization of clothing,

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