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Article: “The Danger of Fists”

From SELF DEFENSE The danger of fists by Tim • July 22, 2013 The endless blathering out there about George Zimmerman’s verdict is really beginning to annoy me. I’ve grown up admiring those who make the effort to educate themselves and strive

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SouthNarc’s Guide to Drawing Your Handgun in a Confined Space

This is must-read material for taking your skills to the next level. Go to and sign up for class.  Download the PDF File here. SNECQHandgun ECQ Handgun and Confined Space Draw This was done at the request of Fatdog in

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Be sure to bring your ID with you and find your polling place. No excuses! Legislative atrocities like the NY SAFE Act happen because people don’t get out and vote.

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Gun Control Advocate Takes Stupidity to a New Level

Allison A. Martin (aka @allyexaminer @nycgirl646 of Moms Demand Action) takes the DERP to a whole new level.

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20 Tells that Might Give Away CCW Folks and Cops

Some are tongue-in-cheek, some are real tells. 5.11 Tactical Cargo Pants More of a cop tell Buzz Cut Hair More of a cop tell Jacket with a zipper sleeve running down one arm This is a cop tell. Thicker than normal

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