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Gripping a Snub Nose Revolver

Great tutorial for those who own snub-nosed revolvers. The article was originally written by The Tactical Professor. Go read his blog! Seriously. Related articles The Myth of the .38 Snub Nose Revolver as a Good First Gun ( Configuring Your

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Which pocket rocket? .380 Pistol or .38 Special Revolver?

I personally prefer a snub nosed .38 special revolver over a pocket pistol simply because revolvers are much more conducive to “non-traditional” methods of carry compared to a semi-auto. From If you are an LE officer, carry a BUG!!! Many

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Selecting Defensive Pistol Ammunition

Some Pointers: Practice with ammunition that has the same bullet weight as your defensive ammunition. Practice drawing from concealment and then firing Work on your fundamentals! “It is not the arrow that matters, it is the brave that matters.” Winchester

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Setting Up a Home Defense Pistol

When planning out home defense, the firearm is treated as the last line of defense. It is critical that you develop a good home defense plan first and foremost. Flashlight I like the L3 Insight Pistol mounted flashlight because it

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Handgun Ammunition Selection

Practice Ammunition When you are selecting FMJ ammunition for your range time, make sure that the bullet weight matches that of your defensive ammunition. 9mm Example: Use 115 grain FMJ for practice and 115 grain Hornady Critical Defense for carry

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