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Course AAR: Close Quarters Pistol with Active Response Training

This was an awesome class! If Greg is in your area, go to his class! From Close Quarters Pistol with Active Response Training by Tim • October 23, 2014 One of the benefits of the recent uptick in concealed carry permits is

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If you bought only one self defense DVD…

This would be it. Buy Jim Grover’s Combatives Series

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The SharkTac SlimLine IWB Holster

  Holster shopping is a lot like shoe shopping. You have to find something that fits your size and fits the social situation. A holster that fits one person perfectly may not feel right to another person. Quality While many

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How to Shoot from a Seated Position

I highly recommend any of Dave Spaulding’s material. Keep in mind that your method of carry needs to be one in which you can easily access the gun or other weapon fro a seated position under stress and in a

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Spotting Trouble before it Happens

Watch any youtube videos of muggings and you will see the exact behavior outlined below.   Kelly McCann: Spotting Trouble Before it Happens   9/04/2013 11:00:00 AM  Articles, Environmental Awareness, Furtive Glancing, Kelly McCann, Pre-Assault Cues,Pre-Incident Indicators, Self Defense, Situational Awareness  No comments   SPOTTING TROUBLE BEFORE IT

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