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The Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife (LDK)

This is a very handy little knife designed by Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training. This knife has the following features that I like. Wharncliffe Blade This type of blade gives the knife the longest possible “reach” in terms of

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Carjacking and Murder in Syracuse

I can’t help but notice how this tragedy happened in New York where citizens are actively discouraged from carrying and owning guns. Observations You’d be surprised how often bad guys will use air pistols and pass them off as firearms.

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Seven Year Old Fights off a Kidnapper

Seven Year Old Fights off a Kidnapper Awesome! Related articles Woman Helps Girl Escape Kidnapper ( Female jogger escapes suspected kidnapper in Jurupa Valley ( 6-Year-Old Girl Fends Off Would-Be Kidnapper At Park ( Man fights off would-be kidnappers in

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Why Not to Put Family Stickers on Your Car

As demonstrated by John Lithgow‘s utterly creepy performance during Season 4 of Dexter.

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Counter Abduction Principles

Great article for those with young children. I strongly recommend reading anything from HCS. They are an excellent source of training and information based out in Texas.

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