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Review: Special Circumstances Inc. Maleficus Trainer

About the Company Special Circumstances Inc. sells the knives made by Ian Wendt out of a small shop in New Mexico. Ian Wendt’s designs merge ideas from the past into something wholly original with an elegant brutality a la Guernica compared to the

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“What makes a good push dagger?”

Ian Wendt of Special Circumstances, Inc tells us what makes a good push dagger.

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The Bag Trick

The Bag Trick This is a great way to conceal a folding knife in a situation that may merit having a weapon out in advance. 

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Ten Things You Need For Concealed Carry

Non-material things (training) will be covered in another article. Less Lethal Option This gives you an alternate force option for a situation that may or may not escalate into a deadly force situation It beats being unarmed. Pepper Gas Be

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The Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife (LDK)

This is a very handy little knife designed by Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training. This knife has the following features that I like. Wharncliffe Blade This type of blade gives the knife the longest possible “reach” in terms of

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