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Paul-E-Palooza 3 Recap: Chris Fry’s Small Knife Primer Class

One of the many awesome things about Paul-E-Palooza 3 was that Chris Fry ran this class on both days so that just about everybody attending the event had a chance to go. Chris is a beast and knows his stuff. I would not

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Review: Special Circumstances Inc. Maleficus Trainer

About the Company Special Circumstances Inc. sells the knives made by Ian Wendt out of a small shop in New Mexico. Ian Wendt’s designs merge ideas from the past into something wholly original with an elegant brutality a la Guernica compared to the

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Why the Knife? – Personal Defense Network

Why the Knife? – Personal Defense Network By Chris Fry I was recently asked why I’m so quick to recommend a knife, not a gun, as a primary personal-protection tool. For the purposes of this article, what I mean by a

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“What makes a good push dagger?”

Ian Wendt of Special Circumstances, Inc tells us what makes a good push dagger.

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The Bag Trick

The Bag Trick This is a great way to conceal a folding knife in a situation that may merit having a weapon out in advance. 

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