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Dealing with the High School Stalker

  Advice for the victims in such a situation You are not alone! Enlist the help of trusted friends and family members Create a paper trail State in very clear and simple terms that you wish for the offending party

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76-year-old SC woman killed in shootout in South Carolina

Lessons here: Don’t carry a lot of cash on you as a matter of routine if you do not have to. If your job or circumstances force you to carry a large amount of cash, then you should travel with

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The 911 Tape right after the murder of Christopher Lane

Listen to the audio of the 911 call right after Australian Baseball player Chris Lane was found in his final moments. This is the sort of savagery that you may face. Some more observations. Consider keeping a medical kit in

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The Murder of Chris Lane

Things to consider How do you improve your chances of avoiding or surviving a drive-by shooting? Be mindful of a car circling the neighborhood. Keep a little bit back from the road. Be mindful of cars moving slower than normal

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The Discretionary Mindset

Originally posted on The Tactical Hermit:
With the recent headlines of the neighborhood watch shooting of Treyvon Martin by Martin Zimmerman in Sanford Florida, I thought it pertinent to touch upon the topic of discretion in relation to Concealed Carry and personal defense. Since the gun-prohibitionist…

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