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Getting Started with an AK pattern Rifle

Selecting a Rifle Go with an Arsenal SGL-21 in 7.62×39 and save yourself the drama that can come with a Century Arms, IO, or other parts kit built gun. Why 7.62×39? Ammunition and magazines in 7.62x39mm are more common in

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Selecting Your First Handgun: Grip

Introduction Here is a quick guide for the first time buyer to selecting your first pistol. Follow these steps and you will end up very happy with what you end up selecting. Understand how to properly grip a handgun Having

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Why I Hate Manual Safeties on Pistols

When selecting your first handgun, you may want to consider NOT getting a pistol with a manual safety. Here is why. 1. Switching a safety switch on a pistol is a fine motor skill that is┬áseverely┬ádegraded under extreme stress. I’ve

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