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7 Ways to Stop Stolen Valor

“He wouldn’t tell these outrageous stories just right off the bat. He would drop little bits of things that are plausible. And he would tailor that plausibility story to each person, knowing what they knew.”-Victim of  AJ Dicken There are scumbags

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How to Run While Carrying a Rifle or Shotgun

Retired Navy SEAL Kyle Defoor details how to run while carrying a long gun.

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Stolen Valor: REDUX

There are scumbags out there who will try to hustle decent folks out of their money by appealing to their sense of patriotism, by saying “Trust me. I was Special Forces.” Usually the hustle will come in the form of a business

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It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are…

It Doesn’t Matter Who You Are… …or what you do, or what unit you were in or what training you have completed. The 3 rules of gun safety ALWAYS apply. Petty Officer Third Class Gene Clayton, 22, of Poland, Ohio,

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Getting Yourself Ready for a Shooting Class

Good set of travel tips for classes from retired SEAL Kyle DeFoor. Here are some class preparation pointers that I have learned over the years. Just about every gun course advertisement will make clear what equipment you should bring with

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