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The murder of Deputy Kyle Wayne Dinkheller

The murder of Kyle Dinkheller is probably one of the worst videos that I have ever seen. It isn’t so much what you see on the video as it is what you hear. The killer, Andrew Brannon, was executed by lethal

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A Nightmare in Pittsburgh

Observations Dangers of Domestic Disputes Domestic Disputes are incredibly dangerous situations for police officers since emotional states are elevated and the officer may or may not have the relationship back story of the parties involved Even with a back story, there is

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The Killing of Cpl. Bruce MacKay

It doesn’t matter who you are. Bad tactics will get you killed. Now in the civilian context pepper spray is very useful for creating pain to escape but it should never be relied on as something that is guaranteed to

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Lakewood Revisited

LawOfficerVideo on Youtube has some great material. Mapped out is the Forza coffee shop. You can see how Officer Tina Griswold and Sergeant Mark Renninger were the first to be killed by Maurice Clemmons. Officer Tina Griswold had her back

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Officer Down: The Legacy of Lakewood

Officer Down: The Legacy of Lakewood Thursday, August 18, 2011 by Brian McKenna The four Lakewood officers drifted into the coffee shop one at a time. The day had started out poorly when, at the beginning of the shift, most

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