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The murder of Deputy Kyle Wayne Dinkheller

The murder of Kyle Dinkheller is probably one of the worst videos that I have ever seen. It isn’t so much what you see on the video as it is what you hear. The killer, Andrew Brannon, was executed by lethal

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20 Tells that Might Give Away CCW Folks and Cops

Some are tongue-in-cheek, some are real tells. 5.11 Tactical Cargo Pants More of a cop tell Buzz Cut Hair More of a cop tell Jacket with a zipper sleeve running down one arm This is a cop tell. Thicker than normal

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Basic Breaching for the common man Part 1 (Doors)

Great article posted at Basic Breaching for the common man Part 1 (Doors).  

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Hard Targets: Counter-ambush Strategies and Tactics for the LEO

Great article from Northwest CQC!

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A Nightmare in Pittsburgh

Observations Dangers of Domestic Disputes Domestic Disputes are incredibly dangerous situations for police officers since emotional states are elevated and the officer may or may not have the relationship back story of the parties involved Even with a back story, there is

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