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Safe Storage: Securing Your Gun When on the Road

Weapon retention does not just mean holding onto your gun and deploying it quickly in a reactive gunfight. It also means being able to immediately account for and control your weapon at all times. Here is a scenario to consider:

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“I’m the only one professional enough…”

As a general rule, the most dangerous people on the gun range are not the new shooters (n00bz as they are sometimes referred to as). If a new shooter is doing something wrong, then they tend to immediately and positively

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A Civilian’s CCW Shooting Recap

Lessons Learned Criminal Assaults often happen in parking lots Read SouthNarc’s PDFs for more material on this. Gun fights often happen at VERY close ranges. Practice Shooting One Handed! Be able to hide your gun in places you would not

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Guns in Popular Culture: The Last Stand

Play The Last Stand on Armor Games This is a very cool browser based game that is a LOT of fun. I really liked the attention to detail that the author put into the sprites including the randomization of clothing,

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Compiling a Firearms Record

Great article! From Compiling a Firearms Record. Compiling a Firearms Record I decided it was time to compile a record of all my firearms. So I went through them all, recorded the make, model, and serial number, and made a list. I

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