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HERESY! HERESY! Real World .22s for Self Defense from Active Response Training

This is a great article. It nicely upends the adage about not carrying anything smaller than .380 ACP, or 9mm, or .40S&W, or .45 ACP… The author of the article is doing it right since he is carrying a .22LR

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Selecting Defensive Revolver Ammunition

Things to Remember: Other than added weight, there really isn’t much of a point to getting a snub nosed revolver in .357 Magnum as opposed to .38 special. From: (Go read the full article!) .38spl/.357mag Speer Gold Dot 135gr

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A Drill for Quality Range Time

Here is an easy range drill you can set up with your friends. You can also modify this drill for rifles or shotguns. Elements Practice all elements of safe gun handling. Wear Your Full Concealed Carry Clothing Set Leather gun

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Negligence from the New York Times

I came across a story from the New York Times from an author who negligently killed a friend of his while mishandling  a revolver and tries  to use his own traumatic experience and incompetence to push the gun prohibitionist meme

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Selecting Your First Handgun: Actions

When selecting your first handgun consider the following types of Actions Striker Fired Examples: Glock, FNS, and the Smith and Wesson M&P series. I prefer these pistols since they have a consistent trigger pull and ensure consistency in training and

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