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How to Run While Carrying a Rifle or Shotgun

Retired Navy SEAL Kyle Defoor details how to run while carrying a long gun.

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One-Handed Transitions from Long Gun to Handgun

Interesting video on how to transition from a rifle to a pistol using only one hand.

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Selection of a Battle Rifle and Initial Configuration of a Battle Rifle

Before we begin with reducing the weight of a battle rifle, we need to define it. A Battle Rifle can be basically defined as a semi-automatic rifle chambered in a cartridge of .308 Winchester or bigger. Battle Rifle Selection I

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A Doctor’s Lecture on Ballistics

Long video but worth watching. Takeaways are: Handgun bullets are not klingon death rays. Multiple rapid hits on target are the fastest mode of incapacitation.

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Keep It Running

Keep It Running Click on the link above to read a great PDF article on keeping your AR-15  lubricated and running. I like the MEAL acronym a lot. Magazines A lot of rifle stoppages are caused by bad magazines Prior

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