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Five Must Have AR-15 Accessories for SHTF

Good article overall. One little reminder about the scope is that you will also need a good supply of commonly available ammunition that you have already zeroed your rifle’s scope and iron sights to. From Five Must Have AR-15 Accessories for

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Safe Storage: Securing Your Gun When on the Road

Weapon retention does not just mean holding onto your gun and deploying it quickly in a reactive gunfight. It also means being able to immediately account for and control your weapon at all times. Here is a scenario to consider:

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Gun Prohibitionists Don’t Just Want Guns….

If the gun prohibitionists cannot get the draconian restrictions they want from the government, they will try to get them from private companies. Rifle stocks and AR-15 bolt release levers are the new boogeymen now. Of course they will want

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Lessons from Sandy Hook: Parental Responsibility

After reading through the Connecticut State Police‘s report on the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack, I am very much convinced that the mother of the killer, Nancy Lanza was woefully negligent in how she dealt with her son, Adam Lanza

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Lessons Learned from Sandy Hook: School Security Measures

“The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.” –Wayne LaPierre The Connecticut State Police just recently released their initial report on the murder spree at Sandy Hook Elementary School on

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