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Colo. Springs teen mistaken for burglar, shot and killed by stepfather

Lessons: Set up a camera system in the basement pointed towards the points of entry Don’t play “hunt the burglar” unless you have to. It is much easier to hunker down in a safe room. Keep a high powered flashlight

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“I’m the only one professional enough…”

As a general rule, the most dangerous people on the gun range are not the new shooters (n00bz as they are sometimes referred to as). If a new shooter is doing something wrong, then they tend to immediately and positively

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Father Says Teen Girl Shot, Killed After Scaring Friend

Lessons Physically and mentally drill for likely home and self defense scenarios “The Prank” “Can I come in to use your phone?” “There is a fight outside” “I’m being followed home!” “The Rip Off Crew” “The Bump in the night”

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Jeff Cooper’s Color Code The late Jeff Cooper‘s biggest contribution to the shooting world was the color code of awareness as well as being one of the first people to start a commercially successful firearm training school for civilians. White: Unaware and unprepared.

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Video Analysis: CCW vs. Hotel Robber

Hotel clerk carrying a concealed Glock 23 in .40 Smith and Wesson takes on an armed robber and wins. Observations Good use of concealment by the clerk If you are a bystander in the middle of a robbery, move yourself

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