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Video: Assailant Playing the #KnockoutGame gets Shot twice by his Intended Victim

“Don’t go out looking for trouble, because you will often end up with more than you were looking for.” Lessons Learned: Avoid task fixation. Minimize texting and walking “Check your 6” when passing a rowdy group. Know your rules of

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Smith & Wesson M&P Recall

Originally posted on Stuff From Hsoi:
If you are an owner of a Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, you need to immediately cease using the gun and check it against the following inspection. Here’s S&W’s written instructions. And here’s a…

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Single Stack Pocket Pistols

I like pocket pistols for the contextual niche they fill. Pocket pistols¬†are small, lightweight, (and cute LOL)! When I worked at NOVA Firearms in Falls Church Virginia, their “cuteness”¬†was often remarked by customers when they asked about the pocket pistols

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A Public Service Announcement About Subcompact 1911s

I generally don’t recommend 1911s for first-time gun buyers simply because they are more “labor-intensive” in all aspects than other more modern pistol designs.

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