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Review: Special Circumstances Inc. Maleficus Trainer

About the Company Special Circumstances Inc. sells the knives made by Ian Wendt out of a small shop in New Mexico. Ian Wendt’s designs merge ideas from the past into something wholly original with an elegant brutality a la Guernica compared to the

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Article: “Fighting Blade Design Choice”

Interesting article. Keeps it simple, direct, and effective. From   Fighting Blade Design Choice Blade design is the next thing I want to talk about. My interest is for anti-personnel use. I don’t care about opening letters, nor peeling

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Don’t Buy One of these Knives

These are useless because of four letters. IFWA. IFWA stands for “In Fight Weapon Access”. Which boils down to “Can you quickly access and properly deploy the weapon under extreme stress?” The problem with this sort of knife is that

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Article: Utah CCW Stopped Stabbing Spree At Smiths

and the gun prohibitionists act like CCW never stops crime…. Utah CCW Stopped Stabbing Spree At Smiths.

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