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Bartlett Family Tied Up During Home Invasion | Local 24 News | News, Weather and Sports for Memphis & the Mid-South | WATN-TV |

The gun is not a magic talisman against evil it is the last line of defense as part of a layered system of home security. The man had just gone to his mailbox, when two men got out of a

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Get Your Carry Permit in 2 Hours or Less…

Kermit says: "You Learned Nothing at that 2 Hour Class at the Gun Show. But that's none of my business..."

Somewhere else!

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Situational Awareness and Positioning (part I)

Originally posted on tacticalprofessor:
“Son, always park the car so the rear end is facing the sun. Then you won’t have to sit on a hotseat when you get back in.” That was one of my father’s dictums to me,…

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