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A Civilian’s CCW Shooting Recap

Lessons Learned Criminal Assaults often happen in parking lots Read SouthNarc’s PDFs for more material on this. Gun fights often happen at VERY close ranges. Practice Shooting One Handed! Be able to hide your gun in places you would not

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Hilariously Bad Gun Prohibitionist Music Video

This video is just hilariously bad. “People outside of New York and Los Angeles are stupid rednecks” message? Check! Cheesy symbolism than an eight grader could whip up? Check! Less bangable clone of Janeane Garofalo? Check! Crappy two-chord guitar work?

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Video of a Homemade Mini Pistol in Action

Very cool stuff. It is not so much that the video’s author built a gun as what he is using as gunpowder to propel the bullet. He is basically using phosphorus from matches and the cap gun caps. Related articles

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Second Video Compilation of Defensive Gun Uses

The moral of this story is bad guys want easy prey. Notice how most of the assailants immediately retreated when they came under fire? Related articles Video Compilation: Armed Citizens [Successfully] Fighting Back ( Gun Control Advocates Are Racist (

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A Hangfire in Action

At about 0:18 the shooter presses the trigger and the shotgun does not discharge. At 0:19, the shooter places his shotgun with the muzzle upwards and looks down the barrel. Just as a refresher, here is the NRA procedure for

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