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The Ka-Bar Last Ditch Knife (LDK)

This is a very handy little knife designed by Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training. This knife has the following features that I like. Wharncliffe Blade This type of blade gives the knife the longest possible “reach” in terms of

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Guns in Popular Culture: The Last Stand

Play The Last Stand on Armor Games This is a very cool browser based game that is a LOT of fun. I really liked the attention to detail that the author put into the sprites including the randomization of clothing,

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Walking Dead Season 4 Teaser

Sooooo stoked….

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Guns in Popular Culture: The Last of Us

The video game The Last of Us is a Lone Wolf and Cub meets The Walking Dead meets The Road adventure on the PlayStation 3. The game follows the journey of a man and a teenage girl (who shares the

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Setting Up a Tablet for Fun and Disaster Preparedness

When you imagine the archetypal The Walking Dead or Hurricane Katrina type disaster scenario, creatures of comfort like us may find the thought of our electronic gadgets and gizmos being rendered useless utterly terrifying. Hardware and software used to send, store,

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