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Article: “I Was Attacked on the Train. No One Helped Me.”

From I was in a window seat on the Blue Line, en route to meet friends for dinner. One teenage girl sat down next to a man in front of me; another sat beside me. They began by asking what

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From Alan Gura: “Your DC Handgun Carry Permit”

Good stuff from Alan Gura and it appears that a 90-day stay has been issued on the court ruling…

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Washington DC’s Mace and Pepper Spray Registration Form

Emily Miller has an excellent series on this very topic. It appears that as an out-of-stater to DC, pepper gas is generally legal for you to carry as an adult as long as you bought it outside of DC and

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Video: Assailant Playing the #KnockoutGame gets Shot twice by his Intended Victim

“Don’t go out looking for trouble, because you will often end up with more than you were looking for.” Lessons Learned: Avoid task fixation. Minimize texting and walking “Check your 6” when passing a rowdy group. Know your rules of

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The DC Shot Spotter Map

Interesting article at The map gives you a good idea of places in DC that you shouldn’t be going to late at night. I would like to see the gunshot data broken down by year. There is also the issue

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