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Guns in Popular Culture: The Last Stand

Play The Last Stand on Armor Games This is a very cool browser based game that is a LOT of fun. I really liked the attention to detail that the author put into the sprites including the randomization of clothing,

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Walking Dead Season 4 Teaser

Sooooo stoked….

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Guns in Pop Culture: State of Decay

Today we are going to look at firearms used in Undead Labs surprise summer hit “State of Decay“, which can be humorously described as ” The Walking Dead meets Grand Theft Auto meets Red Dead Redemption meets Command and Conquer“.

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How to Make Sure Your Vehicle is as Prepared as You Are

Originally posted on TheSurvivalPlaceBlog:
ByAaron M The average American spends up to 12 years in their car, and that means that you are probably going to be spending oh… around a sixth of your life in your automobile in various…

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Setting Up a Tablet for Fun and Disaster Preparedness

When you imagine the archetypal The Walking Dead or Hurricane Katrina type disaster scenario, creatures of comfort like us may find the thought of our electronic gadgets and gizmos being rendered useless utterly terrifying. Hardware and software used to send, store,

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