Another Serious Mistake

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Originally posted on tacticalprofessor:
A father mistook his 14-year-old son for an intruder Tuesday and shot him in the neck, killing him, according to Cincinnati police. People think I’m exaggerating when I say this sort of thing happens on a…

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Originally posted on Point Driven Training:
Image credit: ?RIA Novosti, Mikhail Mordasov STABILIZE ? In Part 1 we discussed the initial step to deal with a verbally compliant subject, when you have a firearm pointed at them. We use a…

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Serious mistakes gunowners make

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Originally posted on tacticalprofessor:
In the wake of the San Bernardino massacre, there have been increasing calls, even by the police, for legally authorized people to carry their guns wherever and whenever they can. In addition, the FBI recently reported…

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Originally posted on Point Driven Training:
Photo Credit:  “US Navy 060114-N-9866B-002 Managing the Don’t Shoot Yet You Can’t Shoot Everyone ? The word most often verbalized in shooting classes is “GUN!”  This is usually followed by a quick draw and…

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Interview with Paul Sharp (English)

Originally posted on always bring a knife:
If you haven’t heard of Paul Sharp yet, you’re missing out. I have first heard of him via his Multidisciplinary Optimization Course, or MDOC. “Multidisciplinary” means that he isn’t simply able to shoot…

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3 Ways to Integrate Technology Into Your Home Defense Plan

1)Cameras! Install security cameras at points of entry to your home and where you keep your valuables. As the technology to power your devices via WiFi signals advances, setting up a home security system will be a lot easier. You

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The Publisher’s Clearinghouse Scam

For those with elderly relatives or relatives for whom English is a second language. From

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A Combatives Fallacy

From Cecil Burch’s blog

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10 Rules for Being a Safe Gun-Owning Parent

Originally posted on Growing Up Guns:
Rebecca Bahret of contacted me recently about compiling a list of the top X-number of safety tips for gun storage when kids are present. I was flattered she thought enough of the blog…

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Article: Fundamentals Uber Alles

From There is a similar problem in the Martial Art/Self-defense world where being gear-centric is replaced with technique. The answer to a failure tends towards “give me another technique”.

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