The cost of killing

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‘too bad they didn’t kill him’ ‘needs to get more practice at the range so they have better aim [to kill him]’ –Internet common-taters Often when a story surfaces in which an armed citizen wounds but…

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Rise and Shine!: Staging Bump In The Night Firearms

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? Sorry for the hiatus. I’m back. Every nightstand pistol/shotgun/rifle should: Have a flashlight next to it (or on it) for identifying what you’re about to point (or pointing) a gun at. Be secured…

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Police: Pokemon Go has been used to target armed-robbery victims


Mobile gaming takes “task fixation” to a whole new level.

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RealDefense Supports Blazing Sword and Pink Pistols


Image By Source, Fair use, RealDefense Consulting has always been an LGBT-friendly business and is proud to volunteer for Blazing Sword and to support the Pink Pistols. We believe that self-defense is a human right for all. Use the

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Critical Defensive Handgun with Paul Carlson


The Trip The drive out to Garrettsville, Ohio was pretty uneventful 6 hour drive from the DC Metro area. A thing to be mindful of when driving through Pennsylvania is that you will see houses that have Christmas lights on

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