Armed Burglary Suspect Shot by Homeowner

Originally posted on Fairfax County Police Department News:
Police responded to a home in the 5700 block of Lenore Lane for a report of a burglary at around 8:40 a.m. Tuesday, March 17. Upon arrival, officers found that the apparent…

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Why don’t people train?

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Originally posted on tacticalprofessor:
Owning a handgun doesn’t make you armed any more than owning a guitar makes you a musician. –Jeff Cooper Of all the things Jeff Cooper said, the above saying has become the most prevalent mantra within…

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Road Rage is Bad. Mmmmmkay?

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Preparing for RansomWare Attacks


Recently at my day job, a coworker got a rather nasty piece of malware on his Windows machine called CryptoLocker. Basically what ransomware (like CryptoLocker) does is that it encrypts your important documents and pictures and then gives you a

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A Failure to Acknowledge Reality | Active Response Training

Awesome post from Greg Ellifritz. A Failure to Acknowledge Reality | Active Response Training.

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Mundane Movements: Making CraigsList Transactions Less Murdery

Originally posted on Growing Up Guns:
They planned to drive about 200 miles from their Cobb County home to look at an antique car for sale. But the vintage Ford Mustang didn’t exist. After four days of searching, investigators said…

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Article: 2 injured when gun falls out of man’s fanny pack at Giant…

When out and about, use a real holster. From 2 injured when gun falls out of man’s fanny pack at Giant…. RICHLAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. — A man was arrested and is facing charges after two people were injured when his gun

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The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2014


If your password for any account is any of these passwords, CHANGE IT NOW! From 1. 123456  2. password  3. 12345  4. 12345678 5. qwerty  6. 123456789 7. 1234  8. baseball  9. dragon  10. football  11. 1234567  12. monkey  13.

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Securing your garage doors can Prevent Your Home from Being Burglarized

Great article! Securing your garage doors can Prevent Your Home from Being Burglarized.

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Shopper Assaults man legally carrying gun at Wal-Mart


The gun is not a magic rabbit’s foot that wards off trouble. Concealed means concealed! Small fixed blade knives can be very useful… Brandon, Florida — A Lithia man has been charged after he tackled another man Tuesday who had a

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