3 Ways to Integrate Technology Into Your Home Defense Plan

1)Cameras! Install security cameras at points of entry to your home and where you keep your valuables. As the technology to power your devices via WiFi signals advances, setting up a home security system will be a lot easier. You

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The Publisher’s Clearinghouse Scam

For those with elderly relatives or relatives for whom English is a second language. From http://www.activeresponsetraining.net/the-publishers-clearinghouse-financial-scam

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A Combatives Fallacy

From Cecil Burch’s blog

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10 Rules for Being a Safe Gun-Owning Parent

Originally posted on Growing Up Guns:
Rebecca Bahret of SheKnows.com contacted me recently about compiling a list of the top X-number of safety tips for gun storage when kids are present. I was flattered she thought enough of the blog…

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Article: Fundamentals Uber Alles

From http://www.iacombatives.com/2015/09/14/fundamentals-uber-alles/ There is a similar problem in the Martial Art/Self-defense world where being gear-centric is replaced with technique. The answer to a failure tends towards “give me another technique”.

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How do you eat an elephant?

Originally posted on Momentum On The Mat:
This is such a true statement.  That one little stripe makes you so very proud.  It was hard earned with sweat and perseverance.  In the grand scheme of jiu jitsu, this one small…

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HERP DERP! Handgun Sling! HERP DERP!



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MDOC tip of the week! 8/25/15

Originally posted on sharp defense:
  Some thoughts on recoil management.

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Paul-E-Palooza 3 Recap: Managing Unknown Contacts with Craig Douglas (SouthNarc)

Craig Douglas teaching students what exactly is involved in a criminal assault.

Photos are courtesy of Dark Star Gear Immediately after part one of Cecil Burch’s Combative Applications of Chokes class, I stayed in the “Sand Pit” where the combatives courses of Paul-E-Palooza 3 were held to take Craig Douglas’ Managing Unknown

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Six Things You Should Know Before Getting a Gun


So you took a basic gun safety class or one of those hokey $19.95 online “Get Your Permit in 30 minutes or less!” courses, now what else do you need to know besides the NRA 3 Rules of Gun Safety

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