Weekend Knowledge Dump- December 22, 2017 | Active Response Training

Source: Weekend Knowledge Dump- December 22, 2017 | Active Response Training

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Private Sale Best Practices Updated November 2017

Here is a quick guide to buying and selling guns safely on online message boards. This article assumes that you live in a free state. Set up an inventory list on an encrypted spreadsheet and include the following fields. Make Model Serial Number Gun Type Sold or Owned? Interstate Sales This means you are in […]

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Scam artists in the firearms community

Originally posted on tacticalprofessor:
Please don’t do this. There are a lot of newcomers to the world of weapons carry and there are no shortage of hucksters who are doing their best to take advantage of the newbies. I’m not…

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AAR: Street Encounter Skills with FPF Training

Originally posted on Reflex Handgun:
I have met John Murphy, the lead instructor of FPF Training, a couple of times before.  John is a firearms and self-defense trainer who also hosts many of the top names in the industry at…

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From FPF Training: Skill Beyond the Gun (Part 1)

An excellent lecture from FPF Training Go take one of their classes!  

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