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3 Ways to Integrate Technology Into Your Home Defense Plan

1)Cameras! Install security cameras at points of entry to your home and where you keep your valuables. As the technology to power your devices via WiFi signals advances, setting up a home security system will be a lot easier. You

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If you drive across the country with a gun, you need Waze!

Waze is a “social maps” application that allows you to know where speed traps are. This is especially useful if you are passing through states that are not friendly to gun owners. Check out Android iOS Windows Phone

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Doxing: The Sucker Punch of Cyber Warfare?

Doxing done to NY gun owners by the Journal News

Doxing (alternately spelled “Doxxing”) is the research and broadcasting of personally identifiable information about an individual or individuals. It is done for a variety of reasons. Doxing (Doxxing) can be considered the “sucker punch” of cyber warfare, in the sense that

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Preparing for RansomWare Attacks

Recently at my day job, a coworker got a rather nasty piece of malware on his Windows machine called CryptoLocker. Basically what ransomware (like CryptoLocker) does is that it encrypts your important documents and pictures and then gives you a

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The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2014

If your password for any account is any of these passwords, CHANGE IT NOW! From 1. 123456  2. password  3. 12345  4. 12345678 5. qwerty  6. 123456789 7. 1234  8. baseball  9. dragon  10. football  11. 1234567  12. monkey  13.

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