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Critical Defensive Handgun with Paul Carlson

The Trip The drive out to Garrettsville, Ohio was pretty uneventful 6 hour drive from the DC Metro area. A thing to be mindful of when driving through Pennsylvania is that you will see houses that have Christmas lights on

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HERP DERP! Handgun Sling! HERP DERP!


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The Heckler and Koch VP-9

I’m very excited about this gun. It looks very high quality and will likely be competing in the market with Smith and Wesson and GLOCK for the market of people who are interested in more “tactical” handguns. I like it

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Is the Remington R51 Safe?

Simple answer is no. The gun just isn’t ready for prime time. Is the Remington R51 Safe?.

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Glock 42 vs. Smith and Wesson Bodyguard?

“glock 42 vs sw bodyguard” I saw this search string on my web traffic chart and to answer the question directly: Barring any teething issues with the first iteration of the platform, the answer is “GLOCK 42”. Hands down. If

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